April Garcia's PivotMe / 108. Change your relationship with money, Finance Lawyer turned Money Expert Gull Khan

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Episode notes

On the show today, we have Gull Khan, a former banking and finance lawyer. She is also a serial entrepreneur and self-made millionaire who left corporate to become a money mindset expert, author, international speaker, podcaster, barrister, attorney, and EFT expert. She successfully overcame her battle with dyslexia and completed her Law Degree at Queen Mary, University of London. Then a Barrister with Middle Temple (UK), an attorney with the New York Bar, and a solicitor with the Law Society of England and Wales.

Gull shares her experience with money and how she shifted her mindset with the law of attraction to start building her wealth.  

In the episode, she explains her Cash Flow Mastery methodology and how adopting it will help you change your energy and feelings about money. Listen in to learn why you need to develop a good relationship with money and become its friend to keep it.

Pivotal Questions Asked:

  • [6:54] What would you say to an entrepreneur that has had some measure of financial success but still struggling with money?
  • [14:02] Walk us through the three steps for cash flow mastery?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • [2:36] How to reprogram your mindset with the law of attraction to get real results.
  •  [7:07] How to develop a healthy relationship with money to make lots of it and keep it.
  • [14:05] Gull shares how her Cash Flow Mastery methodology was born plus how it will change your feelings about money.  
  • [17:20] The power of having a ‘me’ account to pay yourself first and why you should never use it.
  • [24:36] How to reverse your money energy when making large purchases with a dedicated account.  
  • [25:04] The importance of having a giving back account to give back unconditionally.
  • [32:41] The strategy of starting and maintaining a 1% saving in every earning tier to change your energy about money.
  • [38:32] Why you should become best friends with money to sort everything in your life.


  • “You don’t get what you want; you get what you’re aligned with.”- Gull [2:36]
  • “If you’re not reprogramming your mindset majority of the time, you’re going against yourself.”- Gull [3:10]
  • “Every account is building on the other and changing your internal feelings and energy towards money.”- Gull [26:46]

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