Life Uncut / ASK UNCUT - I sometimes resent my children, I want to move to the city but my fiancee won't budge, my love of 5 years ended it out of nowhere

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Episode notes

Therapy Thursday is here and WOOP we love Thursdays! It's as much of a therapy session for us as it is for you!

We kick off with some accidentally unfiltered moments that Britt and Laura both had this week before helping some of you lot out with your deep, dark, burning questions.

-HALP. My boyfriend of 5 years walked in this morning and told me he doesn't love me anymore. Why!? What do I do!? How do I get over this!?

-I resent my children.... sometimes. Is this normal? Am I the worst person in the world? I feel so much guilt but what is my life now!?

-For 2.5 years I have wanted to move away from my home town to try something new. My fiancé and partner of 5 years wont budge, but he also doesn't want to do long distance. What do I do? Do I go? Do I stay? What is the right thing!? I love him dearly but all I think about is moving!

Lifers keep those questions rolling in! Slide on in to the DM's @lifeuncutpodcast and then sit back and enjoy the therapy session.

Remember, tell you mum, tell your dad, tell your dog, tell your friends and share the love, because, well, we love love x