Life Uncut / Walk down memory lane - Talking conflict resolution styles

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Episode notes

While Britt and Laura are on break we are revisiting the past today - with episode 86 Fight for your right, talking conflict resolution styles for those of you who have not listened yet.

This is one of our favourite episodes, and with a whole lot of you in lock down we thought we better dust off the old conflict rule book so that we can fight smarter with our relationships and respect in tact.

We’ve spoken about love languages and attachment styles in the past and we think this is a really great way to complete the conversation and tie them all in together.

The 5 conflict styles we discuss are

-Conflict avoiders

-volatile couples

-validating couples

-hostile couples

-hostile-detached couples.

These are so important to understand about yourself and your partner so you can work towards a happier, healthier relationship.

So, which one are you!?

You can do your own conflict style test here

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