Life Uncut / ASK UNCUT - My boyfriend ignores me, the sex is no good, I'm bored in my relationship, he won't commit.

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Episode notes

Happy Thursday Lifers!

It's the quick down and dirty episode where we answer your deep and burning questions. Well, we try anyway.

Laura takes us down memory lane with a hilarious dating story.


-He wants to hang but wont commit to me. But everyone else bores the hell out of me. Do I suck it up and just stay with him to avoid the wet cardboard personalities of all my other online dates? Or do I keep looking for my penguin?

-My boyfriend and I are long distance and he always ignores me and leaves me on read, even though I see him online all the time. What do I do? When is enough enough?

-Help! I came out of a toxic relationship. Now I am dating a great guy.... but... I am bored. There's no ripping each others clothes off.. is this normal or do I need to go find something more exciting?

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