Life Uncut / Stop right now, thank you very much. Talking Boundaries and Self worth.

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Episode notes

If you've been watching the absolutely toxic shit storm that is Married at first sight, you'd be correct in saying the "experiment" and the people in it know no boundaries. And whilst the show has produced (a very small number) of success stories, it is basically a show dedicated to teaching us what not to do and how not to act.

It led us to this weeks discussion, Boundaries and self worth. What is a boundary? What are healthy and unhealthy boundaries? How do we set them and maintain them and what is their connection to our self worth?

But before that we jump head first into some very interesting American Bachelor chat and discuss Colton Underwood coming out, but also the toxic behaviour that went down in his relationship with his Bachelor winner Cassie Randolph and why it's been swept under the rug.

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