Life Uncut / Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy - Talking Anxiety with Osher Gunsberg and Dr Jodie Lowinger

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Episode notes

*Todays episode comes with a trigger warning. Issues relating to mental health, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts are discussed throughout. If these topics could be triggering for you, please consider skipping this episode. For anyone experiencing difficulties please reach out to life line, open 24 hours, on 13 11 14*

Lifers, today we are talking about something extremely important and extremely prevalent. Today, we are talking a deep dive into anxiety and everything that comes with it.

We wanted to bring you most informative episode possible, so we have two amazing guests on todays episode, both from very different walks of life. 

First up we have the man who brought us Laura and Matty J’s ultimate fairytale love story on The Bachelor. Funnily enough, he's also the man that brought us Britt's epic, unheard of and far too public dumping.

Yep, we are talking to Osher Ginsburg, the man that has collectively broken more hearts than any other person in Australia. He is a tv host, podcaster, author, husband and father. He is also an anxiety sufferer and speaks very openly about his struggles and his battle with mental health.

We then speak with psychologist, best selling author and anxiety expert Dr Jodie Lowinger who runs Sydney anxiety clinic. She is an expert in her field and has helped thousands of people from children to adults to CEO’s manage their anxiety. She is the author of best selling book "The mind strength method".

Between these two amazing humans we hope to shine a different kind of light on anxiety, to help educate you and hopefully assist you in realising that you are not alone and there is help waiting.

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