Life Uncut / Walk down memory lane - Single Pringle, the pros and cons of being single!

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Episode notes

The girls are on break, but it is producer Keeshia and we are taking a walk down memory lane with this episode from 2020 - The pros and cons of being single.

For some reason society has made ‘30’ the magic number for women to have gotten their life together, fallen in love, bought property and have kids on the way. And that if you haven’t you’re a failure and you’re being left behind.

Well, we are here to tell you, they are wrong and everyone is on a different path and why being single at any age can be amazing.

It’s you friendly reminder that you don’t need to give up, buy 10 dogs and move to Alaska to live out your days alone.

Join the convo as we talk pros and cons of  being single in your 30s.

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