The Writing Life / Leaving Your Job To Become A Writer - with Nuril Basri

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"Do not be limited by the things that surround you." That's the advice from Nuril Basri, who joins us on the podcast this week to talk about his journey from a rural village in Indonesia to leaving his job to become a writer. Nuril is talking with Kate Griffin.Hosted by Steph McKenna and Simon Jones, who also talk about the newly announced Early Career Awards judges and other exciting upcoming events.Nuril Basri was born in a village in West Java, Indonesia, and raised in a staunchly Islamic community. Nuril has worked in a variety of positions—cashier, tutor, accounts manager, waiter, etc.—the combined experience of which has served to enrich his characters and settings. Nuril is the author of six novels.Find out more about what we do: by Bennet Maples.