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On the podcast this week, we grab an e-meter in both hands and audit the accounts of Scientology in Australia. We rip into the Government missing the vaccination target, and ask ourselves is being a tradie-cum-stripper an essential worker?

Also Gina Rinehart, Australia’s most successful climate action delayer and funder of misinformation, has released a joke book (sic). Even though a super from SkyNews Australia said she’s the author, it looks like, for all intents and purposes, a collection of memes she stole from my Dad’s email account.

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Kirsty Webeck (Chuck A Sickie)
Craig Quartermaine (Twitter / Facebook)
Kamahl (Twitter)
Lewis Hobba (A Rational Fear)
Dan Ilic (A Rational Fear)

There’s only 1 week to go until our comedy festival show, that is, if no tradie-cum-strippers visit Victoria before then.

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Good evening Lewis.

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Hello Daniel. How

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are you?

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I'm well I'm well and a big Hello to all of our new Patreon supporters Louis Sam. You know how last week Lewis was a record breaking week for our Patreon supporters?

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Of course I've already bought a Tesla put a new wine cellar in the rental. I've really been dining out

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Well, it's thanks to Dave like this week is even more 14 new Patreon subscribers big thank you to Trey Ryan Christie Osborne Professor Hilary bambrick from the climate council previous fear monger on the show Lisette Salah Vich Eleanor booth Dylan Joel Matt Smith, Joseph bass, Jacqueline Flynn, Jared Van Dijk travelling Gilmore, Megan Villa just signed on just moments before we started the broadcast more expensive from the climate collective. Carrie, who is only signing up for Gabby bolts she insists that you know where she insists we're okay. That Gabby bolt is the real star of the show.

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That's fair. That's absolutely fair. We'll still take the money. Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

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Yeah. And speaking of Gabby bolts she's going to be performing at our Melbourne International Comedy Festival show. April 11. We're Amelia weekend a little bit of why we've sold over 100 seats, which means there's still 150 to go because I booked this big book the biggest the festival.

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No One

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No One books comedy more than awake out there. Now. That's true. That's true. That's true.

Unknown Speaker  1:27  

Dan Ilic  1:28  
Yeah, you know, I have a theory like if we only sell like 150 seats in the 250 seat venue, we can space everyone out and say it's COVID safe.

Lewis Hobba  1:35  
Anything's a sellout in 2021.

Dan Ilic  1:37  
Speaking of sailing out I did a TVC this month you might have seen me on TV. Sorry about that. Sometimes you got to make money. I'm recording my end of a rational view on gadigal land and the Euro nation sovereignty was never stated. We need a treaty. Let's start the show

Unknown Speaker  1:51  
rational fear contains naughty words like bricks,

Unknown Speaker  1:55  
camera, fed COMM

Unknown Speaker  1:58  
And section body. A rational view recommended listening by immature audience.

Dan Ilic  2:04  
Tonight we finally unblocked this sewers but London parliament is full of shifts and Australia has missed its COVID vaccine by 85%. The country has messed up this much since landing on the beta gallipoli's and southeast Queensland comes out of a three day lockdown wild northern New South Wales narrowly avoids an outbreak of blues and roads. It's the second of April 2021 We ain't no fools. This is irrational fear.

Welcome to rational fi. I'm your host former Australian Financial Review senior political operative Dan Ilitch. This is a rational fear that podcast that takes the scariest news stories of the week and unwisely laughed in their face. Let's meet our fear bunkers for tonight. Thanks to Brisbane locked down our first guest can now spend less time doing stand up comedy shows and spend more time with his beloved ride on lawnmower. Zooming in from southeast Queensland. It's Mr. hotspot himself cry quartermaine wangi.

Craig Quatermaine  3:09  
Good evening, everybody. And yeah, don't don't talk about

Dan Ilic  3:15  
Renee, you're right on lawn mode. Here we we need. When you first got a ride on lawn mower, did

Craig Quatermaine  3:21  
you think God I've made it? I did not want it in any way. And I did not want this amount of grass. And there's something that happens when you're in your late 30s. And you look around and I modal that and this is just this free pride. Yeah, I just became obsessed. I became one of those guys. That World War Two barbecuing mowing your lawn. And I've got two of the three of them.

Lewis Hobba  3:44  
Are you part of the Facebook group? The Australian lawn enthusiasts group?

Craig Quatermaine  3:50  

Lewis Hobba  3:51  
no, I'm not. I'm gonna send you this link. I followed them like three years ago for some dumb thing that we were doing on the radio. City. Yeah, I grew up. I grew up in the country. I grew up on a ride on mower. But I don't I don't need it now because I realised that they suck and it's work. So I'm trying to stay far away from that life as possible. But you should get involved with this group. It's passionate. I get

Craig Quatermaine  4:15  
it. I completely feel it absolutely is one of those things. I never, I could never become one of those guys now. It's it's trying to figure out how I can do an entire acre without backtracking.

Dan Ilic  4:28  
It's like, welcome back to the largest loans of Australia podcast. Our next guest has just hit a milestone of 8000 Twitter followers. Was it her charm, her stand up success or maybe it was her constant tweets about the Suez Canal? It's Kirsty women.

Unknown Speaker  4:45  

Kirsty Webeck  4:46  
Hey going,

Dan Ilic  4:48  
Kirsty Welcome to the 8000 Club. How does it feel to have 8000 Twitter followers? Oh,

Kirsty Webeck  4:54  
it's an immense amount of stress. I think it would be rivalled only by Craig having to manage that amount

Dan Ilic  5:03  
Finally, it's the man that all young up and coming radio broadcast as a calling the ever given of Triple J. It's loose.

Lewis Hobba  5:11  
That's true. I am I am too big and no one can get rid of me.

Dan Ilic  5:18  
Coming up a little later on, we'll be giving Kemal a call. After years of research, he's finally gotten the answer to why so many people are so unkind and the answer will surprise you. But first, here's a message from our sponsor.

Unknown Speaker  5:30  
The rules of federal parliament are changing from April 1 to 2021. Some behaviour will now be quietly condemned, whether that's accidentally quote, assaulting a silly drunk girl, or just whacking on a desk. The consequences of your actions could now be enforced with serious thinly veiled threats. Like you could lose your portfolio, lower the chances of pre selection, maybe, or possibly even getting a telling off by a state premier. That's why the Prime Minister's Prime Minister for female complaints is introducing knob keeper. knob keeper provides relief for your upstanding member. No keeper supports noms with fully paid leave, so you can spend more time with your family if you still have one before coming back and fulfilling your promise to the Australian people while collecting $200,000 a year. Or your fully paid leave can be used to brief a team of lawyers so you can sue a trusted journalist who never mentioned your name for defamation. But remember, if you're not sure whether that upskirting photo or dick pic is appropriate. Check with Jenny first Julie has a way

Unknown Speaker  6:41  
of clarifying things.

Unknown Speaker  6:42  
Nope. Keep a helping hand for our big swinging decks authorised by irrational fear on behalf of the Australian Government camera.

Dan Ilic  6:50  
First year this week, Australia has missed his targets for vaccination. Now, I'm not saying that they've, you know, injected everyone in their eyeballs. No, the state and federal governments have only vaccinated 600,000 people missing the target set by the pm some months ago, or 4 million, which is basically missing it by 85%, which is huge. The federal government is updated the target to 4 million by the end of April. In order to achieve that they'll need to do the equivalent of 121,000 shots a day. And with music festivals cancelled, there's still even less opportunity to double up with other drugs a fear mongers, how can the government made the hit goal of 4 million doses by the end of April Louis? Well, I

Lewis Hobba  7:30  
mean, first of all, I think anyone who's ever listened to this podcast knows that we were pretty in glass houses when it comes to laughing at someone from the doing 15% of the expected job. I want to be very clear in that as an Australian, I think we can all relate to that achievement. Yeah.

Dan Ilic  7:49  
Do you think this is going to embark? Do you think this is going to big up the government in the eyes of regular Australia? Because

Unknown Speaker  7:55  
like, Oh, you

Dan Ilic  7:56  
know, they're blogging on the blog? Yeah, I totally.

Lewis Hobba  8:00  
I think they'll just be like, why didn't you get to formulate it? They're like, Oh, I might as long weekend. We knocked off pretty early on Thursday. We'll be back Tuesday. But you know, Tuesday's a short week, so really, we're looking at maybe April 12. And I think most people can look at that and go sure I can I back that.

Dan Ilic  8:17  
Kirsty's is a big concern for you not being able to get the shot sooner.

Kirsty Webeck  8:21  
Not necessarily for me, but I think someone should get it.

Unknown Speaker  8:27  
Like give it

Unknown Speaker  8:28  
give it to someone bleeding hearts over here. Give it to someone.

Kirsty Webeck  8:32  
I reckon, though, that what they need to do is train up all of the musicians that are out of work at the moment get them given the jabber out

Lewis Hobba  8:41  
everyone who is supposed to play blues fest retrain them as a as a as a nurse or doctor.

Unknown Speaker  8:46  

Kirsty Webeck  8:47  
I know. Well, I mean, they could go to medical school for eight years and they'd be right up.

Dan Ilic  8:54  
Craig, you're in the you're in the hot spot of of southeast Queensland. You need three cases. How are you coping?

Craig Quatermaine  9:01  
I couldn't be further away from everyone. So it's pretty good. It's not that bad. Queensland Is This Really? I'm from Western Australia. Queensland has is very, we had aggressive exception. The case of you know, they hear about the stuff Oh, we got to wear a mask. I can hear right. And then that's it. That's as far

as been great. And, but it's just interesting for me, because, yeah, they're still not giving them out. We're trying to lift it. I mean, it's amusing for me. I ran 10k yesterday. I'm in pretty good Nick. But just because I'm indigenous and nearly 40 you get the vaccine before any of you Oh, the fucking it's hilarious. As far as getting up vaccinations, I don't know maybe you got you got to show a certificate or something like the only way you can watch married at first sight is if you get the jab awesome shit like that, but just Yeah Is that like that

Lewis Hobba  10:03  
I actually loved that idea, Craig. I think if you told everyone that it was lip filler, instead of like, this is the Pfizer lip filler and then you just like we just need to test it out on your arm and then once it's Think of it as Botox but for your for your bicep.

Unknown Speaker  10:20  
When you were in politics, a group of male politicians who called themselves the swinging digs sought to block your career aspirations.

Unknown Speaker  10:28  
I believe it was big swinging decks. So there was obviously an overexcited imagination on the part of some I would suggest a rational fear.

Dan Ilic  10:39  
This week second fear ladies look up your tradies because they could have rabies or worse COVID-19 in perhaps the most Australian of COVID-19 stories, a Gold Coast trainee who works part time as a stripper, most recently at a hinge night in Byron Bay has been linked to the Queensland hospital cluster that sparked the lightest lockdown. You know, he's actually updated his routine he now plays performs to Joe caucus hit you can leave your mask on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I've got two shakes of the head and 111 sympathy nod from

Lewis Hobba  11:14  
Kirsty you have no way of physically keeping us at this podcast and I will walk

Dan Ilic  11:19  
I will walk. It's easy to blame the NBN and Smokeout is easy. I reckon if Kemal wasn't coming on a little bit later, y'all would have walked the mongers. stripper trainees essential workers, Craig.

Craig Quatermaine  11:35  
I think so. I think they're a bit of it's really really because this isn't the thing my mom was supposed to come up and visit. And this guy being like, this is the whole scare that stopped. Because Yeah, mums in a late 60s. She was supposed to come up and because of this case, she didn't make it into Queensland. She's gonna stay out in Victoria. And it's well, not because she skated COVID is because she swore he can't get a lap dance.

You got it. The thing is, you hear the in here stereotypes and you hear all these sort of ridiculous stories. Then you spent one night in the Gold Coast like yeah, this makes sense. It's totally

Dan Ilic  12:17  
The tradie has such this iconic stranglehold on on on Australian culture. Do you think this has done any damage to the icon of the tradie? Kirsty?

Kirsty Webeck  12:27  
No, absolutely not. Like, if anything, the part of the story that I'm most fixated on is that he went to visit his nana, And I'm like, He's a good boy.

Dan Ilic  12:41  
I didn't know that step out of the story.

Kirsty Webeck  12:43  
I think if anything, he's, he's increased. The standing in the community. Definitely, in my opinion.

Unknown Speaker  12:51  
I love him.

Lewis Hobba  12:52  
As with all COVID things, it's always funny until it's not. But it'll be interesting to see what happens with the Byron Bay outbreak because I don't know how much time you spent around there. But trying to get them to wear masks is going to be it's going to be like feeding a toddler vegetables like it is going to be one of the toughest challenges in human history.

Dan Ilic  13:10  
If you told them that wearing a mask was cultural appropriation though they'd probably do

Lewis Hobba  13:16  
if you connected it to an Indian headdress, American headdress rather. That's right. Yeah.

Dan Ilic  13:20  
Everyone in Coachella is wearing masks, man. Everyone's got its traditional Navajo dress.

Craig Quatermaine  13:25  
I believe you're digging the boots into people that have just been robbed Xavier Rudd each pair of pricks. They've been through it.

Lewis Hobba  13:38  
We've only had 20 chances a year for the last 20 years to catch up.

Unknown Speaker  13:45  
To it Robert he resigns from the table ministry for breaching ministerial code and 2018 set 200,000 Rolex watches from a Chinese billionaire he's a parliamentary speech written by a property developer is $38,000 for home internet and says my bag when he incorrectly blamed cyber attack for centerlink going down last

Unknown Speaker  14:02  
year. How does this bloke get more responsibility in your shop

Unknown Speaker  14:05  
when someone does a good job like that

Lewis Hobba  14:07  
they show that they can take on responsibility if they can get things done for Australians

Dan Ilic  14:11  
a rational fear this week's third fear in Scientology news. Now apparently Australia's become a tax haven for this Church of Scientology. It enjoys its tax exempt status in Australia whereas in other countries like the UK, it actually has to pay tax. So the Australian arm of the not for profit church between 2013 and 2019 has made a profit of $65.4 million. Which is insane. The church makes a profit of about 30% more than companies and Australian stock went on the Australian Stock Exchange. When it comes to purchase Goa. It is made $102,000 per church goer whereas the Catholic Church has only made 5600 per head. Now the total assets in Australia from the Church of Scientology totals $326 million. It kind of makes sense. Now with all these celebrities coming here to make these films, I guess fishmonger's, to what extent does this make the Church of Scientology appealing to you, Kirsty? Is this exciting for you?

Kirsty Webeck  15:12  
Yeah, I find that today after I. Allegedly, they will be claiming that they're putting all that money into properties in which they can carry on their religious teachings. And I just want to get inside those properties. But there'll be paralysis. I want to see what's happening in there. Yeah, I want to swim in the infinity pool.

Dan Ilic  15:40  
I don't know if you saw there's a photo of the headquarters in chatswood. in Sydney, it used to be a campus of the University of Technology, Sydney, but now the Church of Scientology is bought, they bought an entire university campus and turn it into their Australian headquarters. It's, it's incredible.

Lewis Hobba  15:58  
I think, like the big difference when you start thinking of the Catholic Church in Scientology, apart from things is, I think, you know, you look at all of the money that the Catholic Church has. And so obviously, there's a lot of bad and let's all just accept that in pocket. But if you're looking for the positives, you know, there's a lot of there's a lot of songs, there's a lot of art, you can go and see some sculptures you can pop into, you know, you can go to Rome and wander around and have a look you like, they're ostentatious with their wealth in a way that you can go, I can see where my money's going. Whereas I feel like Scientology missed that trick. I would love to be able to go and see the you know, the modern version of DaVinci. David, where it's just a tiny little statue of Tom Cruise with his dick out like this. There's room out there. I feel like they jumped

Craig Quatermaine  16:47  
on surveillance equipment.

Unknown Speaker  16:51  
That's their art. Yeah,

Craig Quatermaine  16:52  
they don't have any big gold statues. I'm with Jesse though, as far as a Korean. Why not? What is a struggling comedian like myself? Why wouldn't you sign up with sites? I think they take less than most managers. argue with the results.

Kirsty Webeck  17:10  
Let's get them to produce our Comedy Festival shows in 2022. Take it from there. But

Craig Quatermaine  17:24  
as far as religions go, let's be honest, it's not the weirdest one name,

Unknown Speaker  17:28  
the latest one, like

Craig Quatermaine  17:34  
underpants is a dude that rose after three days is like, Well, you could just keep going, in a perspective that all of these religions are like 2000 years old. That's hilarious to me. Anyway. If you're looking for a look at the capital gains in Scientology, fuck it, why not?

Dan Ilic  17:50  
They actually like looking at this article actually structured like how Google and Facebook and apple or offshore their money, they give out loans to the other international arms of the business and then they charge almost like franchise fees and licencing fees back to the other parts of the business. And so you kind of got this aggregate it's like Australia is a place where there's like this storing the wealth of the entire church. Because other tax other tax jurisdictions mean that the tax the money will go to go to tax will go to governments.

Lewis Hobba  18:22  
It's proposing a heist. Alright, let's

Dan Ilic  18:30  
do Hang on a sec. Now. Now this week's Hang on a sec comes from Sky News Australia. Apparently,

Gina Rinehart has launched a joke book. Yeah. I'm gonna play the news story. At any point you at any point you want to chime in just say Hang on a second, I'll stop the tape.

Unknown Speaker  18:49  
They say laughter is the best medicine and mining magnate Gina Rinehart has wants more of it to be shared

Lewis Hobba  18:55  
these little bits of Hang on a second. Yeah, well, what does like before we even get to the insanity of this idea? That introduction makes no sense. She's not a doctor. So to say laughter is the best medicine. Like what why is that even an appropriate introduction for a mining magnate? I'd have thought like, you'd have gone something like every comedians looking for the gold and dug up heaps of it or something you don't I mean, like, I haven't really thought about it, but I wouldn't have gone with medicine.

Craig Quatermaine  19:24  
I love that. exactly the point where you stop that she looks like a witch.

Unknown Speaker  19:28  
Sort of bits of

Kirsty Webeck  19:30  
humour to hopefully bring some smile to faces.

Unknown Speaker  19:33  
She began gathering jokes and stories for friends in hospital. Now they've been put together into a book to bring moments of joy to those who need it. Most people in this book

Craig Quatermaine  19:43  
in jumping on to St. Jude have done the corporate

Unknown Speaker  19:53  
How much does it pay?

Unknown Speaker  19:56  

Kirsty Webeck  20:03  
Look, I would have been seated. I wouldn't have done a set.

Dan Ilic  20:06  
Craig, you would have been one of the prime candidates to do the corporate as a former person who worked in the mines themselves Surely,

Craig Quatermaine  20:12  
Luke Okay, so I have taken dirty mining money several times. But in my defence when I did feel guilty about making money of digging up my ancestral home, I bought myself a really nice pair of shoe mining gigs and Wi Fi so much. And it's after seeing this video and seeing whose presence and that is basically a junket. And that sky, I'm pretty confident would be the only people reporting on it because they own half of that station. I can't even imagine what the hell DMC got paid just to turn up and do that. And they're just, it's just because you grind their bones to make you bread doesn't mean you know how to make kids laugh

Kirsty Webeck  21:06  
as a man died, but I think they have left us with things that are highly relevant. today.

Unknown Speaker  21:12  
It's a project close to her heart. Dina Reinhardt's Cambodian daughter's design the book cover,

Lewis Hobba  21:18  
hang on a second. Where is this journalist currently because it seems to be like she's in an empty pub. Is that is that the launch?

Craig Quatermaine  21:26  
I think that launch just the journalist and Gina Rinehart and an empty pop Sky News for all the money and everything they have pumped into it. All of their journos in regional state so if that's in Perth, or wherever it is, a lot of images vj so it's just the journalists and their cameras. She's probably filming that herself. Yeah, yeah.

Dan Ilic  21:45  
Yeah, Louis you

Lewis Hobba  21:46  
don't don't try to make me feel sorry for a Sky News journalist.

Unknown Speaker  21:50  
I'm not trying to

Craig Quatermaine  21:54  
sign up for evil pricks

Unknown Speaker  22:00  
the magic of technology connecting speakers and guests. Those from Parliament House the Royal Flying Doctor Service and pest Polly attending virtually to share their favourite journalistic

Dan Ilic  22:10  
so the Royal Flying Doctors, journalists, people in Parliament House and pest Polly, the the the polkadot that

Lewis Hobba  22:21  
like pill company,

Unknown Speaker  22:23  
yeah, what was what?

Unknown Speaker  22:23  

Dan Ilic  22:24  
What's going on over here? Why is this valley logic

Lewis Hobba  22:27  
a joke, but I imagine she's when she just be one of their biggest customers. When you have a lot of pills to clot. You need to constantly be updating your pill collection. It's incredible.

Unknown Speaker  22:37  
And quotes

Unknown Speaker  22:38  
if you want something, said ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.

Unknown Speaker  22:45  
Yeah, guess say laughter is desperate.

Lewis Hobba  22:48  
is Gina plugging this officer? Oh, she's just literally gone on like Wikipedia jokes. She's stolen them she had you wouldn't you'd be failed for this at university?

Dan Ilic  22:56  
No, she absolutely has. And she's like taking names from people's emails and put them in the book. Like, there's one in there saying, with a mum pointing to a girl say, Listen here, little girl, if you got to stop lying, otherwise, you'll become an ABC journalist. Like that's, that's one of the jugs of the book. They like right wing ship posts, put in book form to give Cambodian children some joy.

Lewis Hobba  23:19  
And that that that Jabba the ABCs really gonna bring a smile to the face of someone in hospital

Unknown Speaker  23:25  
in an era of political correctness,

Unknown Speaker  23:28  
keeping warm and enjoying the laughs I mean, who doesn't need a laugh right now? Seriously, Gina

Unknown Speaker  23:33  
is a woman of the world literally. And she's a great friend and I just admire

Lewis Hobba  23:39  
Hang on a second. Where does Bronwyn Bishop think the rest of women?

Dan Ilic  23:45  
Definitely not the world. What? Whatever planet whatever Roman bishops from.

Lewis Hobba  23:52  
I was born in a helicopter flying from Melbourne to jalon. So I was not really off the world. I was up the sky.

Unknown Speaker  23:59  
profits from jokes and joys are going to the Cambodian Children's Fund shine awards, the Royal Flying Doctor Service and country Women's Association. Gabriella palla, Sky News.

Dan Ilic  24:12  
And you can get a copy of that book from somewhere. And that helps all those kids good on them. That's very good.

Lewis Hobba  24:20  
I mean, like, do obviously all the money that goes to the kids, the better but how much do you reckon that money? How much do you think that book will make compared to how quickly she could have just given them the money? It's gonna make like,

Dan Ilic  24:31  
yeah, it's gonna make like 600 bucks. Like that's, that's all it's kind of like, I tried to look for a link to buy the book and you can't get the link anyway. Like, maybe she's trying to sell it, you know, to her workers or something. I don't know.

Lewis Hobba  24:44  
Gina needs the Scientologists to manage this book distribution.

Dan Ilic  24:48  
Do you guys have your own jokes for a genuine heart stroke book? I've written a couple. Knock knock. Who's there? 200 200 Whoa. 200 Korean workers on board. Five Seven phases working 84 hours a week at $16 an hour to build Roy Hill iron ore mine.

Lewis Hobba  25:07  
I feel like you could you could get brevity if you just like funniest joke tax.

Unknown Speaker  25:14  
Rational fear

Unknown Speaker  25:18  
is Kamala coming up next.

Unknown Speaker  25:20  
Yes he is.

Dan Ilic  25:21  
Could you ask him to smile so we can save a lot of people may have thought that that was in terribly bad taste we'll have one. This is a rational fear. Joining us now is a man known to irrational fear diehard fans. He is Kumar Welcome back to irrational fear Kemal

Kamahl  25:35  
Thank you. Glad to be with you.

Dan Ilic  25:38  
Now, last week, during some press for Dancing with the Stars Dara summers lamented that he had Saturday wasn't on TV anymore because of cancelled culture, which meant you couldn't get away with good, clean fun. Then a guy on Twitter john Patterson published a clip from Hey, hey, have yourself being bullied and it went absolutely viral on Twitter. You're huge on Twitter. Now you love Twitter. What did you make of that clip and seeing that old footage again?

Kamahl  26:04  
Well, it doesn't take much imagination to work on it was it was a bully. It was humiliating and degrading. Given that the week after I was paired up at Carnegie Hall to do my second project. It was it was I don't know whether the President intent intended insult. But yeah, you know, it could have been a little kinder, I thought,

Dan Ilic  26:34  
what did you think when you kind of saw this thing going around again?

Kamahl  26:37  
No, I look what what really happened is that when Harry Connick Jr, appeared on the show, and and there was a cartoon with a which came out the next state CHANNEL SEVEN turned up, wanting to know what I thought of escape. And, and they wanted to know if it was great. That's not really a manipulator, who is racist, I am more racist than Hey, Saturday, meaning in the real sense, I was brought up in Malaysia as a Sri Lankan, Malaysian born, Sri Lankan. And we had prejudices and racism of our own. And I mean, they, the whiter you are, the better you are, the faster you are, the worse you are. In fact, my family stopped me from playing cricket because it was the sun would make me a doctor. But we have weird kind of prejudices in Asian countries as well. So the I think, maybe the reason I mean, I'm trying to work out why it was necessary for them, to humiliate me. And I think it was a form of a tall poppy syndrome, because it was my second concert there. And I think I told them that Bob Hope was going to introduce me. And yeah, it was it was trying to their way of dealing with the tall Poppy, and especially a black hole. Perfect.

Dan Ilic  28:03  
Yeah, I I noticed Darrell summers has never performed at Carnegie Hall.

Kamahl  28:07  
Not even once. I don't know. But then, on the contrary, I think he's a he's a very, very talented man. I, you know, I really don't know. Because at the moment, there have been all sorts of negative and positive comments in there where there was a lady with a programme manager of a radio station, said that, you know, why, what the past that I was talking about, because I was being outed. Every time I appeared on the lily pad. I don't know who this person is, but particularly and she's the programme manager. I mean, that that's, that's rubbish I. I had a wonderful time on the big day out. And Sahara Herald was in charge. And my friend did duck pond put me on there year after year for nearly 90 days. So we are getting this weird reaction to this.

Unknown Speaker  29:02  

Dan Ilic  29:03  
I remember watching high as a kid and seeing is a lily pad. I think lily pad was an amazing part of your career.

Kamahl  29:13  
Find out who this lady is. You can't tell me obviously he never attended it. Maybe or maybe he was. You know, I think we I'm getting sort of crazy flames in at the same time. There was one. There was a guy. He said I'm 32 years old. But we did Oh, my mother is still hot about you. wonderful, beautiful. Very funny. Well,

Dan Ilic  29:43  
you should have seen Kirsty WebEx tweets when she found out she was being she was going to be on the show with you Kemal Kirsty, do you have anything to say to

Kamahl  29:53  
you? Ah,

Kirsty Webeck  29:54  
yeah, I'm a huge fan Kemal and when I told my parents I was coming on the panel. Cast with you. They were adamant that I was to tell you that they're massive fans and they've loved every single thing you've ever done.

Kamahl  30:08  
Well, you know, I think I think a bigger head, they have good taste anyway, they're particularly in having a daughter like you. Jim, you know, I really, you know, the thing is, in a way, this has been a, you know, sort of a disguised form of blessing. I mean, I've I haven't had this much reaction, positive 90% percent positive in my 86 years of not 86. Yeah, I'm 86 years old now. But I started doing this 64 years ago. And yeah, it's it's amazing.

Dan Ilic  30:50  
64 years in showbiz and still going that is such stone cow. That's really great.

Kamahl  30:57  
It's a good taste of the Australian audience. Come on,

Lewis Hobba  31:00  
I can I can I ask. Like I because I didn't, I didn't get a chance to watch it. When it was on it was not really in my, not quite my time. But watching watching that clip that I did say today, last week was horrifying. And I could only imagine what it was like for you to see it again. And to think about all of that again. But what did you if you don't mind me asking? Well think about like when Darrel summers apologised. Did that? Because obviously you would have known him for a long time. What did you think of that? No,

Kamahl  31:31  
I mean, I suppose you know, he was the host of this show. I mean, he could have, you know what i what i didn't mind so much. They they, they hit him in the face with a powder with a white powder. But what they disappoint me more than anything else is the fact they didn't bother to make a little bit of a question. That's what I was doing next week in New York. With with the doing a show for the second time. I don't know whether it's a tall poppy syndrome, or what it is that? I don't know. So that's, I'm more interested in that than being hit in the face, really. But I wouldn't have my mind in taking the hit, provided the game, you know, balance that with generous reporting. Sorry,

Craig Quatermaine  32:20  
it's Craig here. I grew up in Canada in the East Kimberley of Western Australia, you were the first brown guy I ever saw on TV as well, just being an Indigenous Australian, it was just nice to see someone different on that show. That was the only thing we could watch because we had one channel. And for you to go through all this right now. I'm really interested to know that are you surprised that people are shocked that there was racism? in those periods where you're on TV? Isn't that reaction that most amusing part?

Kamahl  32:50  
Look, racism or prejudice of any kind, you got to be careful if you ever saw the movie South Pacific, you know, we are not born racist that they you know. But I think we have to be carefully taught, and we believe a lot of things that are untrue. You know, we, we as human beings, we grew up believing the earth was flat. It took us years and 1000s of years to find out it is a sphere. And similarly, there are a lot of things. Let's say, you know, in politics and religion, especially religion, there are 4000, or 404 and a half 1000 religions. But there's only one God and I have my own view of what it is. And at the end of the day, what really matters is truth. To be true to yourself, I mean, even if you have to tell a few fibs, but be true to yourself. Hello.

Lewis Hobba  33:56  
Sorry, we're all just taking a moment to think of ponder your words of wisdom, be honest commodity.

Craig Quatermaine  34:01  
Iconic, this is a huge part of me that still like I feel like it's an impression. I feel like it's not really you. But yeah. It's just such an iconic voice. It's crazy to be talking to you.

Kirsty Webeck  34:13  
I was just thinking about all the people have told lately.

Dan Ilic  34:18  
Come on. Thank you so much for joining us on irrational fear. You've always been a great part of our show from episode one. You.

Kamahl  34:28  
By the way, by the way, what what do you consider a rational fear? What can I be afraid of?

Dan Ilic  34:35  
Well, the rat the name irrational fear stems from the idea that media is making are scared of things all the time and often all the wrong things and irrational fear is a name that implies that there is something you should be scared of the media is not talking about, which is what things we talked about on the show, which is mostly climate change. That's the big thing that we talk about.

Kamahl  34:54  
I mean, I think we should all be afraid of untruth, not the truth

Unknown Speaker  34:59  

Kamahl  35:01  
Yeah, misinformation. Yeah. Anyway, thank you for having me on

Dan Ilic  35:05  
Kemal. It's great to be with you. Do you do you have any? Do you have any shows coming up? You want to plug?

Kamahl  35:10  
Yeah, in fact, there's kind of an anniversary. Pull up doing like to those two shows one day apart, and it's it's nice to have retired senior citizens. So I'm looking forward to that. I can't tell you exactly what it is. It's two shows. When is it? Two days apart?

Dan Ilic  35:34  
Excellent. A big thanks to all of our guests for tonight. Craig quartermaine Kirsty werebear. Can Louis harbour Do you guys have anything to play? Craig we get to do any Comedy Festival shows coming up.

Craig Quatermaine  35:45  
Sorry. Yeah, no, that's the only reason I'm here bro. Cuz I got nothing to plug. No, that's not true. Um Yeah, just keep an eye out. I've got a new show called historically accurate. planed, Earth runs and Sydney runs in Melbourne runs and they've just all come unstuck because the COVID about the show is called historically accurate. It's my latest style. I'm very very happy with it. And yeah, it's that the cow it's gonna

Dan Ilic  36:12  
watch. Kirsty way back What did you got to plug you've got a few shows coming up?

Kirsty Webeck  36:16  
I do indeed. So I have a show called Tucker sikhi opening on April 6 in Melbourne for the comedy festival and it's it's 14 shows from the sixth to the 18th and it's on at 6:10pm each night comedy Republic come along. Also follow me on social media I'm really good at it.

Unknown Speaker  36:43  
I remember

Lewis Hobba  36:45  
Craig when you came to tazzy with us for Triple J and did some comedy and your clip that you did was so successful that they basically like did they did they take it down a

Craig Quatermaine  37:00  
million views ABC comedy went under and so did my my video I just I really just got it back.

Kamahl  37:06  
Yeah, yeah, so I blew up. You're kidding me tucked away if I may and inject something slightly sobered. Are you prepared for it Kaffir come out. These are the few words that sustained Nelson Mandela for 27 years in prison. Its support called Invictus goes something like this out of the night that savage made black test pit from pole to pole. I thank whatever gods may be For my on conquerable. So in the fall, lots of circumstances, I have not went not quite allowed. Under the bludgeoning of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath or tears, Looms but the Horror of the shade, and yet the menace of the years finds and shall finally an upgrade. It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments to sprawl. I am the master of my fate. I am the exception, my soul.

Dan Ilic  38:22  
That was amazing. Thank you so much Kemal. Thank you so much, Craig quartermaine Thank you so much. cosi WebEx, thank you so much, Louis. How about we've got shows the Melbourne Comedy Festival April 11. Big thanks to rode mics, the birther foundation Patreon supporters. The discord crew for Jackson ideas that I had it goes Big thanks to Dave bluestein Kate Holdsworth Killian David. Voiceover this week from Bronwyn Morgan Until next week, there's always something to be scared of. And come out. Do you have a catchphrase? You want to end the show on?

Kamahl  38:51  
What was that?

Dan Ilic  38:53  
Why people so I

Kamahl  38:55  
know why so many people are doing. Many people are doing Thank you very much, but Right, right. Until next week, there's always something to be scared of.

Dan Ilic  39:08  
Good night. Thanks, cabal.

Kamahl  39:09  
Thank you.


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