A Rational Fear / Ketan Joshi on technology, climate, politics and culture - GMPOOG - 05

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Once a month on A Rational Fear on the podcast feed we present a different kind of show:

Greatest Moral Podcast Of Our Generation is a long form conversation with a climate leader from around the world.

This month Dan Ilic talks with Ketan Joshi is one of Australia's great thinkers on energy, climate change, politics and technology. This is a great wide ranging chat about all those topics.

📝 Bitcoin is a mouth hungry for fossil fuels

🐦 Ketan's most underrated tweet from 2020

📗 Ketan's book: Windfall

Links mentioned in the climate news:

📺 Salla — The Coldest Town in Findland's bid video for the 2034 Olympics: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-olympics-bid-salla/salla-coldest-town-in-finland-to-bid-for-2032-summer-games-idUSKBN29V2I8

📺 Brisbane Bid Video for 2038 Winter Olympic Games: https://youtu.be/He0vdIqn_1Y

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