April Garcia's PivotMe / 110. How to Have a Hard conversation with a business partner, friend, or employee

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Episode notes

Are you ready to have that hard conversation that you’ve meaning to have with a business partner or employee? It is time to have that hard conversation, even if you might end up hurting the other person because it is how you’ll grow. Growth hurts and you must outgrow these companies, friendships, or partnerships to have a high-performing life.

In this episode, April shares six steps on how to have hard conversations effectively and without wasting time. Listen in to learn why you should evaluate the story you’re telling yourself and stop believing in what is making it uncomfortable.  

What you will learn in this episode:

  • [1:40] The story of April’s client Bethany and understanding why growth hurts.
  • [3:19] Don’t be connected to the outcome, just your input, approach, clarity, and compassion for the other person.
  • [5:11] Put your head past the hard conversation instead of rehearsing and overthinking before it happens.
  • [6:14] Have the hard conversation sooner than later without waiting for the perfect moment.
  • [7:04] Give an honest compliment, have the hard conversation, and then another sincere compliment.
  • [10:33] Serve them on the way out-offer to help during your exit.
  • [12:12] How to be honest with yourself on what is making the situation uncomfortable.
  • [13:40] The challenge to take the first step to that hard conversation. 

Show notes Quotes:

  • “Master your own emotional response and you have already solved 80% of the hard conversation.”- April [3:26]
  • “Having a high performing life involves lots of hard conversations early and often; the longer you wait, the more pain you cause yourself, and the more they’ll feel blindsided.”- April [13:28]

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