April Garcia's PivotMe / 106. Get Comfortable Running Downhill Now

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Episode notes

What is stopping you from running downhill to that opportunity? Is it fear, the discomfort, or is it procrastination? You have to stop self-sabotaging; you have to get comfortable running downhill.

In this episode of PivotMe, April shares her downhill story, factors that stop us from running downhill, and why it could actually be good for you. Listen in to learn why you need to stop justifying your reasons and take a chance on yourself.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • [2:08] April narrates her running downhill story and how changing the approach changed things.
  • [4:13] The different factors that are stopping you from running downhill.
  • [6:20] Understanding where you need to get comfortable running downhill for the opportunity that lies ahead for you 


  • “We don’t even know if running downhill would be dangerous, it just seems scary in our minds.” [6:00]
  • “We were never meant to stay the same, it is time to run.” [7:42]

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