April Garcia's PivotMe / 102. Write Your Future Biography in 4 Steps

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Episode notes

How often do we spend time excited about our future? Vs. Concerned about it. We think of what can go wrong, and rarely give ourselves the sweet luxury of imagining in vivid details, what can go right.

In this episode, April will be talking about…a future Bio! This is a twist on visualization and such a powerful tool for seeing your future, well at all, but also seeing it in a different way.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • [2:34] What is a future biography?
  • [3:22] Why should we write a future bio?
  • [6:52] What are the mechanics of writing a future bio. 
  • [9:34] Is there any other advantage of writing a Future Bio?


  • “Your brainpower, your thoughts, your imagery is being used by the dark force. Imagine instead if we focused on what we want, instead of what we fear” [1:39]
  • “This is the life that you are planning for, the life that you are making reality by aligning your priorities” [8:50]
  • “Am I spending my time today in a way that will get me there in 5 years?” [9:53]

What can you do today? To Be Productive. Effective. Perform at your best. Even now.

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