Spoken Truth to Power / Spoken Truth to Power coming April 14th

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Episode notes

Spoken truth to Power amplifies South Asian Spoken word artists across borders. Through original poetry, performance, and discussion with special guests, we explore cultural themes through a South Asian lens. At a time of increasing division and polarisation, we build creative bridges between the diaspora of South Asian artists, and challenge many of our differences through the power of art. Stay tuned for episodes that deal with identity, collective mental health, intergenerational trauma, hope and the diaspora. #spokentruthpod


Creator: Daljeet Jutla

Host: @daljeetjutla @culturestudio1 www.culturestudio.co.uk

Art work: Amrit Singh, @MrASingh https://www.rebelcreatives.co/ 

Sound Design and Music by Elliot Bulley and Audio Post Production by Chaos Creative http://www.chaoscreative.co.uk/

Specialist Producer: Serena Barker Singh @serenabarksing

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