Spoken Truth to Power / Ep. 5: How can we find hope?

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Episode notes

CW/TW: This episode contains discussion of bereavement and grief.

How can we find hope in these challenging times, and what can we do to begin the process of healing? In this episode, two women from Delhi, Deepa Kumar (Social media marketing manager) and Moby Sara Zachariah (Heritage walk leader) leave moving voice notes reflecting about the world around them during the pandemic. British MP, Tan Dhesi also shares a special message about the different strands of mental health that he has been campaigning for. Dr Roshni Beeharry is a former rehab medical consultant, a poet, writer, medical educator, and a creative writing for well-being facilitator. Roshni talks about the importance of creative writing to cope with negative feelings and shares tips to help you get started.


Creator: Daljeet Jutla @culturestudio1, www.culturestudio.co.uk

Host: Daljeet Jutla (@daljeetjutla)

Guest:  Dr. Roshni Beharry (@roshni_beeharry,  https://www.linkedin.com/company/storied-selves/, https://www.storiedselves.com/)

Artwork: Amrit Singh, @MrASingh https://www.rebelcreatives.co/

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Resources: Samaritans, free and confidential helpline Phone on 116 123 24 hours a day www.samaritans.org. Hopscotch Women's Centre - support services for Asian and other BAME women www.hopscotchawc.org.uk Phone 0207 388 8198. The Black, African and Asian therapy network (BAATN) directory of therapists from ethnic minority backgrounds www.batn.org.uk

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