Spoken Truth to Power / Ep. 4: What is intergenerational trauma?

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Episode notes

CW/TW: This episode contains discussion of multiple forms of trauma, including Intergenerational trauma and mental health. What is intergenerational trauma? How does trauma genetically transfer from one generation to another? Host Daljeet talks to Dr Rima Lamba, Clinical director at Blue River Psychology and specialist in South Asian women’s mental health, about intergenerational mental health. We also discuss how the pandemic has exacerbated mental health inequalities amongst ethnic minorities in the UK. Credits: Creator: Daljeet Jutla @culturestudio1, www.culturestudio.co.uk Host: Daljeet Jutla (@daljeetjutla) Guest: DR RIMA LAMBA (I: blueriverpsychology, W: https://www.blueriverpsychology.com/) Artwork: Amrit Singh, @MrASingh https://www.rebelcreatives.co/ Sound Design and Music by Elliot Bulley and Audio Post Production by Chaos Creative http://www.chaoscreative.co.uk/ Specialist Producer: Serena Barker Singh @serenabarksing https://www.theguardian.com/profile/serena-barker-singh Twitter, Instagram: @spokentruthpod; Facebook: @spokentruthpowerpodcast and subscribe at https://podfollow.com/spokentruthpod

Resources: Samaritans, free and confidential helpline Phone on 116 123 24 hours a day www.samaritans.org. Hopscotch Women's Centre - support services for Asian and other BAME women www.hopscotchawc.org.uk Phone 0207 388 8198. The Black, African and Asian therapy network (BAATN) directory of therapists from ethnic minority backgrounds www.batn.org.uk This season was funded by Arts Council England