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Manc 62: Dave Haslam - The Curious Curator, DJ and Author

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“When I go to a club and the music is great and it’s full of  young people I think, this is the next revolution.”

Dave Haslam is a legendary Manc, who helped to create the eclectic sound of the Hacienda through his weekly DJ sets during the late 80’s and 90’s and then at iconic Manchester club The Boardwalk. He played for the Hacienda crowds over 480 times and was even the last person to spin vinyl on the infamous decks.

Undoubtedly Dave has cemented himself as a music veteran and has continued venturing into the world of arts and culture, curating bands for Manchester International Festival and writing books about music, artists, ideas and places, Dave’s passion for his projects is evident and his desire to share them works its way into everything he does. 

Join Lisa Morton as she hears about the time Dave cooked cauliflower cheese for Morrisey, how he came to part with all of his vinyl and why Tony Wilson wanted him dead.


Your host, Lisa Morton, started PR company Roland Dransfield in 1996, one month after the fateful IRA bomb that tore apart the city centre.  From that point, the business, and its team members, have been involved in helping to support the creation of Modern Manchester – across regeneration, business, charity, leisure and hospitality, sport and culture.

To celebrate the 25 years that Roland Dransfield has spent creating these bonds, Lisa is gathering together some of her Greater Mancunian ‘family’ and will be exploring how they have created their own purposeful relationships with the best place in the world.

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