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Why We Need A Whole School Approach To Mental Heath and Wellbeing With David Leech

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David Leech is a qualified teacher of over twenty years. He worked across the education spectrum in Primary, Secondary, Maintained, and Private sectors in a range of roles from teacher to Headteacher and loved his career. So much so that he became more ‘Mr Leech’ than ‘David’. David shares his story about a period of poor mental health. This episode may be triggering some as we talk about suicidal ideation.


David shares his reboot story, his tips about gratitude and kindness, and then how he has gone on to change his career to focus his energies on helping individuals and organisations develop strategies to change cultures and approaches towards mental health and wellbeing.  He works with schools to help them to develop a whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing, ensuring wellbeing is in the DNA of the school so that both teachers and pupils can flourish. He is passionate about ‘smashing the stigma’ surrounding poor mental health and changing the narrative for those suffering in silence. 



David Leech is a partner at Crusaider First Aid and Mental Health & Wellbeing, an organisation offering training and coaching to adults and children in both physical and mental health. 


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Emma Last is a qualified Mental Health and Wellbeing Trainer and Coach. She has co-written both the First Aid Industry body’s accredited First Aid for Mental Health and Wellbeing training for Adults in the workplace and those working with children.  

Emma also has over 20-years, experience in leading teams and developing strategies for change. She worked in Senior leadership for a large corporate until early 2018, when she came to a turning point in her career due to being on the brink of burnout and wanted to gain more of a balance in her life. She then rebooted her life and founded her company Progressive Minds. 

Emma also works with workplaces and schools on their Mental Health and Wellbeing strategies and provides training and coaching to support employees through challenging and changing times. Emma also works with individuals to help them to perform at their best by working on their mental fitness, which incorporates stress/burnout prevention and resilience and agility development through her Human Reboot Movement Coaching Programme. Her clients say they have become more mentally fit, happier and gain the results they want in their lives. 

Her Human Reboot podcast achieved number 22 in the Mental Health category in Mental Health Awareness week. She is a #1 best selling author on Amazon


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If you would like to find out more information on the Senior Mental Health Lead - Fully Funded Training

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